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Spaulding Group utilizes reserach-driven and value-orientated approach to target asymmetric risk-adjusted absolute returns through investments in transitional and generational real estate assets exclusively within the United States. Its approach enables Spaulding Group to create a diversified portfolio that maximezes profits with a long-term perspective and short-term potential. We understand that successful real estate planning ia supported by a strong foundation. Whether it is a grand-scale, mixed-use project or existing multi-family asset, we utilize key strategies to visualize and plan targets metrics that drive the value of our investments.

Current Investment Offering

Investment Benefits

Cash Flow - we invest in cash flow producing assets and pay out monthly distributions begining 60 to 90 days after acquistion. Appreciation - we hold for 3 to 10 years while forcing appreciation through property improvements. Tax Benefits - we take advantage of cost segregations to help show tax losses while paying monthly distributions to investors. Leverage - we obtain debt financing that equates to 65% to 75% of the property valuation. Stability - the stock market is up and down daily, we seek long term investments that are not revalued daily.

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Spaulding Group Overview

Track Record & Current Investments

Badger Storage

Rock Veterinary Properties

Milwaukee 24

Milwaukee 40

Whispering Pines

Signature 23

Westway Place

96 East

Broadway Square


Westside Madison Portfolio

Six Points Apartments

Fairway Glen

West Court Apartments

Walworth Portfolio

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Case Studies

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