Rachel Schinkowitch

Regional Manager

In 2023, Rachel began her 20th year in Property Management. Her journey began with a split site dedicated to tax credit properties. Under new ownership, both sites underwent comprehensive renovations. During this time, Rachel realized that she had discovered her true calling and a lasting career.

Throughout the years, Rachel has successfully managed a diverse range of properties, including tax credit, market, senior housing, and luxury lease-ups. Her vast experience in multifamily housing has expanded her skills and knowledge, ultimately propelling her into the role of Regional Property Manager. In 2019, Rachel was awarded the TOBY Award for Regional Property Manager of the Year. This achievement demonstrated the remarkable progress she had made in her property management career.

Rachel’s passion for property management extends to her love for people. In her role, her favorite task includes aspiring and mentoring future leaders in the property management industry. Rachel finds fulfillment in sharing her wealth of knowledge, witnessing people grow in the roles, and supporting them as their career advances. In addition to, she finds enjoyment in assisting residents in finding the perfect home that suits their needs.